Too Close to Call

Not since Y2K has there been so much angst around here.  It’s nearly 24 hours since the polls closed, and two races I’m watching are still too close to call: our governor, and a friend is running for City Council.  Frankly, I’m more excited about the latter.

I’ve never run for public office, but I’ve been in a close race a few times.  First, there was a spelling bee.  Shelley What’s-her-name and I were the last ones up.  Each person on the winning team got tickets to the local amusement park.  Such pressure!  Guess what? I lost.  In hindsight, it was no great loss not knowing how to spell the word tobacco.  But my tears were so pathetic, kids from the opposing team were offering me their amusement park tickets.

As a teenager, I was also an also-ran, but this time I got picked.  I was in two precision/exhibition dance groups in those days, and I got the privilege of being one of the three out-front hoofers.  The truth is, I do not recall the criteria; maybe it was just the fact that my giant mouthful of pearly whites can been be seen from the nosebleeds.

Actually, I do recall a couple of situations where I was privileged to be the chosen contender.  [Skipping the romantic history …]   Before the recession in the early 80’s, the owner of a school I attended tried to hire me out from under my employer.  After the recession hit, I took a job beneath my skills; thankfully they realized I could be used elsewhere, and I was hired out of there in short order.  Praise God.

But my favorite victories are the ones I win without any competition!  There are things I get to do—and nobody ever runs against me.  ‘Not sure why, there are lots of people who could do things better.  I mostly attribute it to being willing, in a world full of ridiculously busy people.

Now, what I reeeally like is when somebody’s trying to decide who to have coffee with.  Choose ME!!

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