The Tabernacle of God

[TUNE: “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”]

= – = – = – =

WALLS surround our Heavenly Father,

No one’s ever seen His face;

The GATE is Jesus Christ, the Savior,

Enter through Him by God’s grace.

The COURT of God is for repentance,

Approach with fear, and bow the knee.

God’s Lamb was offered on the ALTAR

So, from sin, we can be free.


= – = – = – =

Wash your heart and mind with Scripture,

The LAVER given to refine,

And enter in God’s TABERNACLE,

The place where everything’s divine.

The COVERING was nothing special,

Jesus the man was common too.

But SKIN DYED RED is also vital,

Like His shed blood for me and you.


= – = – = – =

GOAT’S HAIR represents the Scapegoat,

The sinless Lord, made to be sin for us.

CHERUBIM curtains revealed He’s holy,

Only Jesus can we trust.

CLOUD and FIRE, the Holy Spirit,

Rising above the world around,

Only in God, our SANCTUARY,

Can the Holy Spirit still be found.


= – = – = – =

Jesus, our HIGH PRIEST forever,

LINEN-clad, God’s chosen Man,

CROWNED our righteous King in glory,

Pure, like GOLD, the Great I AM.

A BREASTPLATE of righteousness adorns Him,

And because He’s faithful, there was BLUE,

POMEGRANATES, He’s the Firstfruits

Of all the kingdom; He’s Faithful and True.

= – = – = – =

Like the SHEWBREAD, He’s Provision,

Communion with God, the Bread of Life.

And, enlightened by the Spirit like the LAMPSTAND,

We, the Church must shine His light.

Prayer of intercession is like INCENSE

Lifting praise to God on high,

As if from an ALTAR made for worship

We can pray for God’s supply.

= – = – = – =

After atonement was made by Jesus,

The VEIL to God was opened wide.

By grace we’re in the HOLY OF HOLIES,

Redeemed by His flesh, we aren’t denied.


His propitiation is our MERCY SEAT,

His blood was sprinkled before the CHERUBIM;

Averting of God’s judgment is complete.


= – = – = – =

Jesus, like MANNA in the desert,

Gives life to all who overcome.

And our Shepherd has a ROD to help us

To obey God’s LAWS; May His will be done!

From this tabernacle ditty

One thing comes through loud and clear:

Those far from the God who made them,

Can, through Jesus, be brought near.

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7 Responses to The Tabernacle of God

  1. Tamz says:

    Beautiful!!! Did you write that???
    I think you should sing it for Sunday School! Except I won’t be there this week, so that will give you two to practice.

  2. Just me says:

    Dave says “Wow! that was awesome!” “You get an a plus plus, (if you sing it). jk A++ anyway!” =D

  3. marian says:

    Wow! That is Awesome Laura!!! Is it alright to post on my wall for my friends to see? 😀

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