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Last weekend, a friend said something I thought was very astute:  “This Christmas, I’m going to watch what happens in the retail industry.  If it does well, it will be clear that people really don’t have a clue about the condition of the economy.”  This is the same guy who does not have a computer or a phone bill, but manages to receive calls with pre-paid Skype and retrieve them every couple of weeks.

I need to hang around people like that more often.  They know how to save money.  I need help in that department; I’m much better at spending it.

I recently took a meeting with Hubby; our average monthly outlay for discretionary expenses was running 1½ times what we can afford.   ‘Too bad I already used that “Lucy, you ‘gotta lotta ‘splainin’ to do” quote this week; it would have fit right here.

Just heading out the door these days can set you back a nice chunk of change.  I need to be more like that friend I mentioned; I get the impression he doesn’t gad about town flashing his debit card willy-nilly.  And it’s clear from my Excel charts that me and Deb (short for debit card) need to spend less time together.

Like everyone, our regular and fixed obligations are high enough.  In our case, utilities, taxes, and insurance on the house take over a third of our income.  Add that to the mortgage, auto, phone, other insurance, and a little to savings… yeah, that bacon is sliced a little thin, Baby!

This friend I spoke of was out of work earlier this year; he’s very thankful for his job, and takes as many hours as they’ll send his way.  He’s learned a few lessons on how to live lighter, skillet skimpier, and save saner.

Ya know?  I think I’ll make a point this Christmas…. of not being one of those people he said don’t have a clue.

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