Christmas Lights

It was silent in the garage today.  This is what was going on inside my head.

Okay.  Christmas lights.  Hmm: it sure would have been brilliant to mark these boxes.

Oh! Here’s some.  Oh; those are for the tree.

[Picks up object.] What the heck is this?  …When will I stop going to garage sales?!!!

Oh, yay.  Lights.  This top bag is multi-colored.  Wow.  I have a whole box of colored ones.  But I like white.   I want colored lights on the tree like Mom, but the kids overrule me.

Oh yeah, I bought those white lights for the wedding on condition I got to keep them.  I wonder where those are?

…Oh, Cute! I forgot I bought this last year!

I’m getting cold out here.  [Goes in and refills coffee.]

What’s this empty carton doing in the light stuff?  Yeah, yeah, save the Styrofoam in case I ever want to sell it on eBay.

Man. Where are those lights?

[Looks upward.] More lights!  …I love these big lights.  They remind me of when we were kids.  They use a lot of electricity, though.

Oh, wait.  Where are those LED’s?  I don’t see them anywhere.

Man, where are those white lights?

Oh, here’s something:  Box of parts.  Why do I keep bulbs and fuses?  Twinkle lights are so cheap.  [Tosses it back in the box.]

Man, where are those LED’s?

Good; another box of… Oh, Yay!  The wedding lights!

Oh, another.  Okay, it looks like I’ve found it all. ‘Better review the family’s criteria: no sloppy, mix colored and white, border the windows, symmetry, limited use of icicles, no sections of all one color.

While I’m at it, maybe I’d better plan this out a bit.  [Sketches a plan; enjoys the chance to use a yellow highlighter.]

Well, after all this, I’m determined to hang some lights today!  At least I can do the window and door borders.

[Two hours of ladders, tangles, testing, mud, fear of heights, clean-up, and expletives deleted.]

Good.  It started raining.  I can stop till tomorrow.

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5 Responses to Christmas Lights

  1. Tamz says:

    Expletives? Really?

  2. Just me says:

    You gotta love that rain for something! … It’s great for giving breaks from outdoor chores! 🙂 yeah, yeah, yeah, and for water to drink, and keeping things green, and washing the air,….etc.; I just figure these were givens =D

  3. Just me says:

    you’re welcome! Ha! I knew I was useful for something! =D LOL

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