The puppy is getting bigger.  It’s like having a 30-pound infant.  He needs to be baby-sat, fed, and cuddled.  And he’s cute!  Ben is learning a lot; it seems he is a teachable animal.  He did go to a frayed tuft on the underside of my family room couch, but having felt the sting of a spank, he has not re-visited it.  Also, thankfully, he has definitely learned where to do his business.  My daughter is very good about taking him out often, though, so there is no way to know if he would “tell” us if he needed to go out.

He is being kennel trained, so cheerfully goes in with a cheerful command.  It’s not punishment; it’s his private little spot.  At night, however, he’s graduated: my daughter now has him sleeping at the foot of her bed.  I bet she’ll regret that after he’s 70 pounds!

He’s a sweet puppy.  I’m an animal lover, but have always preferred animals to live outside, or in a barn or something.  But even I am hooked.  Today I wished we had a video of his puppy-prancing and ball juggling.  It just didn’t even seem real, it was so adorable.

He follows his Alpha very closely (my daughter Lily).  If she’s not here, his go-to person is my husband.  That’s actually part of the deal; I’m not supposed to have to deal with the dog’s walks, food, etc.  David picks up the slack if Lily’s out.  Oh, I give the puppy lovin’s, and he loves me (he loves everybody).  But they learn quickly which people feed and care for them.

He has to have something to chew on.  That is one thing I get involved in, if necessary.  And as an added bonus, I’m currying his favor, one rawhide bone at a time, Ha.

Our property abuts a wetland, so there are a lot of birds out there; he’s a Labrador retriever; do the math.  Every visit to the backyard is a hunting trip!  We accepted an invitation to a friend’s farm so Ben could run with her three Australian sheepdogs.  He did great; it was fun.  But he did zero in on her free range chickens.  One hen finished out the day with about 50 fewer tail feathers. [!!]

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2 Responses to Ben

  1. Just me says:

    You can not help but fall in love with a face like that one! =D

  2. elsiephoebe says:

    I know, he’s such a little lovebug!

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