An Uninteresting Day

We awakened to snow and ice.  …‘Had to cancel my favorite thing.  —But I got a lot done at home!

Hubby took my car to work.  …He also took his car key.  —But he ran the errand for me.

My daughter takes horseback riding lessons.  …They were cancelled.  —But she had time to finish her sewing project!

I borrowed my mother’s car.  …It’s so big, I needed help from strangers.  —But the ice had thawed!

The little old lady had a pain.  …I had to empty her commode.  —But she felt better by day’s end.

I made a Thanksgiving craft.  …I mis-measured two parts.  —But I improvised!

My sister-in-law called.  …She was upset we didn’t go to the hospital.   —But I made sure the lady cleared things up.

Hubby bought fruit cake.  …I hate fruit cake.  —But he also bought me flowers!

An expert is making our Thanksgiving pies.  …She’s in a power outage.  —But she’s going to use my kitchen!

I plugged in a whole section of Christmas lights.   …Backwards.  —But it ended up working out even better than I’d planned!

I tried something new for dinner; it was pretty good.  …But not worth repeating.  —But it was healthful and delicious—more leftovers for me!

Hubby picked a movie.  …It was lousy.  —But I don’t have to watch it!

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