What a Difference A Day Makes

Well!  Here you are, God bless ya.  While you were gone, things have been hopping around here; actually, it’s a paradigm shift.

My little old mother-in-law developed sciatica over the holiday weekend.  For most of us, that would mean a few days in bed, maybe some groaning as we amble to the bathroom.  But this lady is only skin and bones, she has dementia, has never been very logical, is set in her ways, and has a very low pain threshold.  Suffice it to say, it’s been …challenging.

But I think we worked out some kinks (logistically), and I’ve helped her understand the doctor’s orders regarding pain relief—that she’s just going to have to weather it.  …I didn’t say she had to like it, but, well, there it is.

I must interject here—this is a team effort.  I’ve received help from my daughter when I’m in the trenches, and my dear Hubby is ministering to his mother some of the time, which has blessed my socks off.

This situation has also provided a good opportunity for me to oversee (and overhaul) how she does things in that little room of hers.  WOW.  I Mean.  WOW.

And now, today, five days into it, I’m easing out of there somewhat, finally allowing my mind to reflect on other things besides just this.

Oh. A big shout-out to all the caregivers out there.  WOW.  I Mean.  WOW.

Okay, all that aside, our Thanksgiving was lovely.  Mom’s turkey was the best ever, and each of us contributed equally delicious recipes. We are truly thankful for God’s bounty.  Best of all, dear family members from out of town stayed with us a few days, yay.  And my brother-in-law took the youth to the snow, and we decked the halls.

Last but by no means least, I want to give God glory that this month (even with the pie), I have lost 15 pounds.

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4 Responses to What a Difference A Day Makes

  1. Just me says:

    You are blessed, dear sister! Congrats on the weight loss! Keep on keepin’ on! 🙂

  2. elsiephoebe says:

    For other readers’ benefit – “Just Me” only bypassed the main subject because she and I had already talked… 🙂

  3. Just me says:

    Not even gonna touch THAT one! LOL

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