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New Year’s Eve

When I was young, Mom and friends would celebrate New Year’s Eve while my sisters and I hung out in our bedroom.  We played Monopoly.  Every stinkin’ New Year’s Eve.  My younger sister always bought the hotels on Boardwalk and … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS === In 2011, with God’s Help, I……R E S O L V E…….T O…… === Lose the rest of this excess weight, And occasionally go on a Hubby date. === Deliver the gospel near and far, And … Continue reading

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My First Meh.

Though all this season of joy, baby-sitting Effie has certainly been new and challenging, and it’s surely thrown off my groove—but, amazingly, I have yet to feel deprived. Until now. As I type this, my daughter is practicing Rock Band … Continue reading

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After-Christmas Shopping

Hubby was a very generous Santa.  I got peridot earrings, freshwater pearl bracelets, a watch, more earrings, a bunch of cashmere socks, some household things I wanted, a ton of great stocking stuffers, and a VISA gift card. Since my … Continue reading

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A Visit from Effie

Effie stopped by today.  ‘Hadn’t heard from her in awhile.  In the dark hours of the morning, I heard thumping.  Usually we ignore it (we’ve childproofed the room), but she kept it up.  When that’s the case, I go in … Continue reading

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When in Danger or in Doubt, Run in Circles, Scream and Shout

Sometimes our giant puppy gets hyper—running all over the house at break-neck speed, cutting corners with precision, tightly rounding coffee tables, charging on the straightway, screeching to a stop, and repeating the process—for about two minutes until his metabolism is … Continue reading

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Don’t Bother Me While I’m Baking

There’s one recipe I only make for special people, on special occasions.  It’s labor-intensive, from prep, to process, to clean-up.  Well, today I made those dreaded pecan tarts, and – Oh, No!  I burned them!  Arrghh! I always use the … Continue reading

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