The Way I Like It

I’m an early riser; ‘usually get up around 4, when it’s still dark and quiet.  (That’s the way I like it.)

The little lady rises early also, but does things in her own room until about 6:30.

Today, however, she needed me at 5.

She’s clearly in convalescence mode, and it’s dicey.  But I think I’m doing okay on the learning curve.  (Necessity is the mother of invention!)  It’s become glaringly obvious that we’re dealing with a lot more here than back pain here.  By the mighty hand of the Lord, though, I’m swimming along with whatever comes.  (That’s the way I like it.)

All through this, the dear sweetie-pie has been made to know she is loved very dearly, and it is a blessing to help her; and she’s very appreciative.  I, myself, am comforted that should I get in over my head, I know there’s a plethora of help out there – just a phone call away.

Today wasn’t so hot for Hubby either; he ended the day not feeling very well.  Whoa:  tomorrow I may just end up with two patients!  Not to mention the new puppy, and with him here even the cat is more needy these days.  Oh, let’s complete the package by throwing Christmas into the mix, and you can see I’m spread a little thinly right now.

(It’s a good thing that’s the way I like it.)

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2 Responses to The Way I Like It

  1. Just me says:

    If you need anything, I hope that I am one of those you would count on to help out…:) Will be praying for your dear mom n law, for your hubby, and for you too! You will need the Lord’s strength for these sorts of tasks! But, He is faithful! Praise the Lord. 🙂

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