Misunderstandings Can Be Funny

The little lady is still pretty pathetic, but I think the sciatica has ebbed a tiny bit; she’s not taking as long to maneuver.  But yeah, still really pathetic.

When I’m awake I check on her often, because when she’s unsupervised, she …does stuff.  For somebody who moves like a turtle, somehow she’s doing something.  Today she woke me up at one o’clock in the morning.  When I entered the room, I could not believe my eyes: it looked like a ferocious puppy had been left to tear the place up.

This last week, we’ve actually played several rounds of this game.  But each time it happens, I tweak something, and reiterate an instruction, and it’s getting better.

Regarding her dementia, some of her synapses are connecting just fine; she can handle basic conversation.  But some pistons aren’t in sync, and the ignition spark is going out.  I’m constantly entering the room to see her trying something—unable to decipher just what.  What’s funny is, she has no idea either.  We usually just look at each other, shrug it off, and giggle.  At least she’s coherent enough to realize her own mental frailties.  It’s kind of cute, actually.

Hey, people with dementia aren’t the only ones who can misunderstand things.  On a separate note, I thought I’d relate something funny that happened yesterday.  My daughters and I were at a grocery store, and the one who just got married pointed at this cute little dark-haired girl and said, “I want one!”  Oh! I was so pleased.  Then, while I momentarily daydreamed about grandchildren, she took off down another aisle.  A minute later I saw her—pushing one of those miniature grocery carts.  Yes, the kind that cute little dark-haired girl had.  Brother! Here, I’m hearing the pitter-patter of little feet, and all she wanted was a toy food basket to play with.  Hm. Maybe children can wait awhile, hehe.

Speaking of children, I’d better go see what shenanigans the little lady is up to!


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