If It’s Not One Thing…

Her sciatica is easing; she’s not suffering so, thankfully.  But the little lady’s mental capacities have suddenly gone from iffy to pixilated.  She gets fixated on certain things: her blankets, her slippers, what time it is…  we go through the same rituals over and over.

Through it all, she’s been cute as all get-out.  She had a little pity party this morning, and later apologized.  I told her I didn’t blame her at all, and reminded her what my dad always says:  “Gettin’ old ain’t for sissies.”  She laughed at that one.

I’m here to keep her safe, comfortable, and loved.  She has always been vehemently stubborn about food (she will eat and drink only what she wants); right now she’s not eating very much.  And …yeah, I’m gonna say it: she’s confoozled about the whole potty thing…   >_<

She is grateful for my help and love, and she smiled so big during our pretend sleigh ride today (using just our arms and hands) while singing “Jingle Bells”.  She remembered all the words.  (Which is odd, because she sometimes cannot recall the difference between a sheet and a pillow.)

I’ve been able to keep up with my other activities and tasks, actually; she doesn’t really need much.  We have punctuated times of high maintenance—one of which seems to be when Hubby and I usually have our coffee time; that’s been out of sync for a week.

Wait just a doggone minute!! It’s only been a week?

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