Let’s Change the Subject

Breathe in—- and breathe out.  New subject.  Ahhh.

I ran into a friend today; we talked a little while about God’s faithfulness.  She said, “It’s wonderful to know Him.”  How right she is!  He is wonderful.  To know.

Both of us are going through stuff right now, and we each shared how clearly we can tell people are praying.  It is a sweet aroma to the Lord, and by the way things are going, we can tell He is working.

So yeah, I saw her at the store; it seems we both had the same idea, to get a little Christmas shopping done, and enjoy the rare gift of sunshine while we were at it.

You know one thing I have never understood? (Yeah, yeah, it’s a long list, Ha.)  It’s how to shop for little boys!  Whenever my daughters were invited to a birthday party, I’m sure it would have been acceptable to call the mom and ask what super hero the little boy likes.  But I never liked doing that; it just seems so tacky to me.  Neither did I particularly care for it when other moms would ask me what my daughters want.  And I don’t like making a list of what I want.  I think the idea behind shopping for a gift is that we have a personal enough relationship with the loved one that we know what would be pleasing.

Anyway, the rest of my shopping is getting done right on schedule (again, God’s grace showered on me), except for that glaring hole where a super hero is supposed to be.  So I came on home.

And when I arrived, my mom brought us a homemade chicken pot pie for our dinner.  …Now that’s somebody who knows how to give a gift!


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4 Responses to Let’s Change the Subject

  1. Just me says:

    Chicken pot pie!!!! I’m stayin’! ha ha. Now that’s some comfort food! What a wonderful mama you have!

  2. Amy says:

    Lowell always wanted toy guns, and Ethan always wanted play money (and guns too, but only out of rebellion since he wasn’t allowed to have them). Some things never change…

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