Christmas Letter Extraordinaire!

Today I finished getting my annual Christmas letters ready to go.  Now, before you Click The Ex, hear me out:  what comes from my fingertips is not your run-of-the-mill missive!  Every year I do something different.

This year’s letter is in the form of a puzzle, and it included pictures of the family (and the dog), and excerpts from my daily one-minute blog.  (Yes, it’s written to be read in about a minute.  Didn’t you know that?)

But some people don’t get the whole Christmas Letter thing.  Even I ask this valid question every year before heading to Kinko’s:  “Isn’t it true that people who actually care what you did this year… probably already know?”  Wiki describes well the 50/50 vote:  “While a practical notion, Christmas letters meet with a mixed reception; recipients may take it as boring minutiae, bragging, or a combination of the two, whereas other people appreciate Christmas letters as more personal than mass produced cards with a generic missive and an opportunity to “catch up” with the lives of family and friends who are rarely seen or communicated with.”  Of course, I’m of the latter crowd—as I hope most of my recipients are.  {!}

I giggled as I continued reading the Wiki:  “…An entire episode of Everybody Loves Raymond was built around conflict over the content of just such a letter.”  It’s always been my practice (in my blog and my Christmas letter) to only write about those in my immediate family, and I’ve always had them give it a read ahead of time.  And now that my oldest is no longer under our roof, I did not write about her year; in fact, I asked my son-in-law’s permission to include a photo of their wedding.  (It seemed apropos to include, as planning for the big day was a third of my year!)  He said that would be fine.  Little did he know, it was the picture of the bride’s big sis holding him in a headlock.  (Just kidding.)

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2 Responses to Christmas Letter Extraordinaire!

  1. I, for one, enjoy getting your annual Christmas letter! 🙂

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