Life Goes On

So.  The little lady’s been out to lunch for a month.  And I cannot remember the last time she joined us in reality—even for a minute; she’s completely …gone.  And it looks like she’s not coming back.

So far, grandma-sitting tag-team style is going okay.  Spontaneity has gone by the wayside, but we’ve discovered that—with a little planning—we each can still have a life.  Aside from the weekend beach trip, one coffee klatch, and Hubby missing our Christmas tree trip, we haven’t missed any dance lessons, or any parties (we actually moved a couple of them to our house).  And Lily has been able to do the things she’s into as well, thanks to her sister and brother-in-law helping out.

I’m the primary care-giver, but I’ve tweaked the lady’s accommodations, meals, diapers, and clothing so I, personally, am no longer indispensable; I can actually leave the house for several hours at a time, any time day or night—which has been a huge improvement over the first couple of weeks.

As for outings for the whole family, or overnight/weekend activities, those are rare anyhow, so we’ve decided to hold off on that kind of thing through the winter—and see how her condition is this spring.

As far as our 2010 Christmas calendar goes, this last week was the big one:  not a lot slated between now and Christmas.  I hope to take time to sort through papers and belongings I’ve removed from the lady’s room to keep her from trashing the place.  I’ve been putting off this task, because it’s just too much reality:  facing the truth that she’s …gone.  But I need to buck up and do it before we put away the Christmas decorations, because those shelves are where I’ve stashed it all.

Life goes on.

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