A Word About “Word”

Yeah, yeah.  They say, “Don’t talk shop. It’ll bore people to tears.”  But do they realize that my job today brought me to tears?

Today I ran into a bugaboo.  After an unholy tantrum, trying to solve the problem the right way, I remembered Mr. Paycheck had a deadline.  I elected to cheat—go in the back door—find another way to skin the cat.  It worked.

This happens often enough.  After making do with a back-door method, sometimes I’ll visit on-line forums to see if others have run into such a dilemma.  Sure enough, the first click takes me to a barrage of desperate suckers just like me.  I love when that happens.  (Misery loves company.)

Hey, I am not complaining about the software.  Programmers amaze me.  Making soft ware? I can barely make soft shorts! (But that’s another blog entirely.)

The compulsive side of me wants to know the way other people have learned is quickest.  I beat myself up mercilessly when it’s clear what I’m doing is okay but could be better.  Sure, I’ll do things the hard way in the meantime (The show must go on!), but I’ll tell you what—I’ll bust my hump to find out if somebody’s come up with a better idea.  I like things logical, efficient, and streamlined.

If necessity is the mother of invention, I’ve sure done my share of inventing these nearly 35 years in word processing.  Actually, it’s taught me to think outside the box.  And that, my friends, has proven handy in every arena: marriage, parenting, homemaking, ministry, and now care-giving.

So many times I’ve dogpaddled my way through—then, suddenly, “Duh! Why have I been doing THAT?  THIS is WAY better!” For example:  the first time I bathed my first-born, I wrapped her in a towel and handed her to my friend to cuddle.  She didn’t think of it either: Um: Diaper! [Ha Ha!]  Speaking of diapers, as a new caregiver I’ve learned a few things the hard way: I changed sheets at 3:30 every morning for two weeks before I got the idea of sewing tunics together to keep the little lady’s clothes on!!!

I guess if I want to find a moral of today’s story, it might go something like this:  We all have our niches of expertise.  And each of these will occasionally throw a shark-toothed boomerang into the mix.    …Just to keep us humble.

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