When in Danger or in Doubt, Run in Circles, Scream and Shout

Sometimes our giant puppy gets hyper—running all over the house at break-neck speed, cutting corners with precision, tightly rounding coffee tables, charging on the straightway, screeching to a stop, and repeating the process—for about two minutes until his metabolism is adjusted and/or he’s just burned up some surplus energy. Whether right after a walk, or randomly from a standstill, either way, he’s going nowhere—fast.

Sometimes that happens to me—sort of. With great purpose, I start with gusto!  But pretty soon I realize: though there’s movement going on, nothing productive is coming of it! I’m spinning my wheels. This is where prudence comes in. (Hopefully.) As I wipe my brow and observe my smoking sneakers, I have three choices: (a) keep going with the status quo; (b) douse the fire, sit down, and cut my losses; or (c) kick my sacroiliac into gear and move forward.

Can you tell I’ve moved on from Christmas mode? Yup, it’s time to make goals with strong resolve. This year (2010) has been different from many in my life—I had less work, fewer classes, and smaller projects; we spent more time with family and friends. I was also focused on planning the wedding, and working through the transition of my daughter leaving home just in time to take on the ministry of caregiver. So for 2011, my hope is—without forfeiting precious time with people I love—to become re-focused on a few projects and studies. Now that I think about it, it couldn’t hurt to go through my blogs and retrieve the goal charts hiding in there. But I promise I’ll be careful: life is too short to go back to my old ways. All work and no play makes Laura a very dull girl.

Well, my word count’s up. How about I close with a short list of this year’s blessings I don’t want to see go by the wayside: *Morning coffee with Hubby (with lots of Blah-Blah!) *Listening to music and hanging out with my son and daughters *Square dancing with Hubby (whether he likes it or not, Ha) *Spring Break Christmas tree torching with friends [ SAVE THE TREES! 😉 ] *Building a relationship over the miles with our oldest daughter and fam *Coffee and bowling with my buddies *Day trips and other outings *Oh, yeah – my blog 😉

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4 Responses to When in Danger or in Doubt, Run in Circles, Scream and Shout

  1. Tamz says:

    Wow, that request to [SAVE THE TREES!] could mean an amazing burn–can’t wait! I hope to be a part of some of some of those coffee with buddies and day trips & outings!

  2. lumpy lori says:

    and don’t forget, coffee with your sisters in Christ. Love that coffee – love that sister in Christ!!!


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