My First Meh.

Though all this season of joy, baby-sitting Effie has certainly been new and challenging, and it’s surely thrown off my groove—but, amazingly, I have yet to feel deprived.

Until now.

As I type this, my daughter is practicing Rock Band for a party she’s going to on New Year’s Eve, and my friends are all planning to laugh it up at the very same Game Night we usually go to.

I really have no right to complain.  (But since when has that ever stopped me?  HA!)

This routine with the little lady has been going for only five weeks—but that is long enough to start to get a little bit of “Meh.”   I’ve cleaned up enough ransacks, cut short enough errands, stirred enough cereal, and changed enough diapers to start wondering:  How long will I be doing this?

I am now looking back at missing that super beach weekend, and wondering when I’ll be able to do that again.  Will I get to go camping?  Will I be able to go on a hike?  It is entirely likely that my life will be similar to that of a young mother—saying a temporary “Adios” to such things for awhile.  In the giant scheme of things, is this really that big of a deal?

These last couple of days I’ve been taking down Christmas decorations.  I love the Christmas decorations!  And I have not yet had time to complete my wedding photo gallery project, so everything looks so austere. I’m kind of numb right now.  ‘Not a good mindset as I go into a celebratory weekend.

But hey, “My momma didn’t raise no idiots,” and I’m going to make the best of it.   I have a very special dinner planned for Hubby and me, and I’m setting up the game table.  Maybe we’ll watch a good movie.  And then, at midnight, we’ll be pleasantly surprised to look around us: this party will have just the right number of people.

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3 Responses to My First Meh.

  1. Tamz says:

    …unless some late-nighters crash it…. ‘o)

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