To Serve and Protect (Part 2)

There are probably ranges of problems with this one-minute blog [reader comment here].  The one on my mind today is this: A Short Story is a Sad Story because it’s an Incomplete Story.   On my last blog I wrote “End of Story”.  It …wasn’t!  Today I will attempt a remedy.

A 15-word synopsis of that blog: Authority protects from villains, resulting in a boring storyline—so we insert fun, food, and fellowship.

Yeah: that totally needs a supplement.  So, Ladies and Gentlemen, here it is—in the immortal words of Paul Harvey, the rest of the story:

People who know me would recognize that I would never insinuate that life can be boiled down to a bowl of fun and food (as nice as that sounds, lol).

Life is not boring.  It’s the most precious gift God has given us, and if we don’t allow ourselves to be lazy slobs, it can be an adventure beyond measure!  I am not inclined to make this a three-part blog, so suffice it to say—the story in each of our lives unfolds deliciously, but some of us have bad reading comprehension: we don’t understand what the Writer is doing, and we miss the plot entirely.

As a Christian, I have been doubly blessed: I know God!  And I have the Spirit of God in me: the One and Only, who convicts the world of sin, righteous, and judgment.  If I watch each day unfold, and pay attention to what’s on the page, there are numerous opportunities to dig deep, walk far, and reach high.

So life is indeed more than fun, food, and fellowship—more than a story—more than work and survival—more than a pleasant how-do-you-do.

A whole lot more.

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