2 Laps 2 Go

I was in the waiting room with my mom this morning before laser eye surgery (routine removal of scar tissue).  She remembered being in that building before:  “My leg surgery was here.  And I think I had a lab test done—or was that in the old building?”  It was at this juncture I learned that my mother has not had any elective tests in 10 or 15 years.  I suppose I assumed she had been on top of this, since she undergoes routine medical care due to her lung and circulatory problems.

Without missing a beat, I replied, “Well, consider yourself reprimanded, Mom.  You’re way too young to be throwing in the towel just yet.”  We discussed my meaning at length—how breast cancer, colon cancer, and sometimes even cervical cancer are treatable if discovered early enough.  She just turned 77, but her doctor says she’s in good health (thanks to modern medicine).  It seems to me that, should something be discovered, she could endure whatever treatments may be required.  I recommended she take advantage of her insurance and see if her doctor agrees, and get the Big Three.  I also explained that mammograms, colonoscopies, and PAP’s aren’t so bad; in fact, folks do others a disservice by scaring others off from having these done!!   >_<  [Steps down from soapbox.]

I didn’t bring it up, but silently thanked God: My dad, who is not a doctor person (neither am I, contrary to how this blog might sound), was convinced to get a lower GI; they discovered colon cancer and he went through chemo.  I just talked to him on the phone last Tuesday; it’s wonderful that he’s still around.

So Mom’s going to call the doctor and get in the queue—but not just on my advice; she explained that a relative (with whom I am not acquainted) has just been diagnosed; he ignored visible symptoms (waited too long).

H.o.w.  A.b.o.u.t.  Y.o.u. ??

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