What Women Want

What do women want?  Why do men ask this?  (Don’t answer that.)  …Maybe they should ask what we don’t want.  …….HEY, Blogger-lady: it’s irritating that women can’t just answer a question. …….HEY, Dude: this blog isn’t about what men want.

I’m ambitious, answering such an enigma in a one-minute blog.  So let’s cut to the chase:  Quid pro quo.  The Golden Rule, Mate.  Oh, sure, men and women are different.  But it works well—IF men know that they, too, want love.

In teaching us how to live, the Lord said to love: “1. Love God.  2. Love others.”  Even the Beatles agree: “Love is all you need.”   And God adds a promise: “Love never fails.”  Now, that does not mean we will never fail to love; none of us can say that! But we are promised that if we do love, love won’t let us down.

The question  is… How To? For three decades, my dear Hubby and I have each been getting better at this.  Neither of us has nailed it, of course—but I can deliver a few quick thoughts.  (With this qualifier for the ladies:  what’s good for the gander is also good for the goose!)  Here goes:

== Don’t feign interest for your own gain.  We hate lying.

== Help your lady be quiet-spirited.  Don’t make her be quiet.

== Seek God and righteousness.  The rest will follow.

== Ask questions.  But not yes-or-no questions; they mask the truth.

== Even a quick kiss is important.  Try not to mess it up.

== If your lady is present, don’t speak of any woman’s physical appearance.  Ever.

== Don’t keep her on a leash.  Everybody needs personal time.

== Know when to be strong.  Know when to be tender.

== Work hard.  Plan for the future.

== Nobody’s perfect.  Practice humility.

== Who likes a Humbug?  Have some fun, Dude!

== Consider what she might want.  And act on it.

== Don’t assume the worst.  Hope the best.

== She does a lot for you.  Be grateful.

== Be patient – and be kind.  Please don’t be – a horse’s behind.

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2 Responses to What Women Want

  1. WW says:

    Feign interest or dog house. That is the question?

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