Attention, Class!

Our square dance lessons are only a few weeks from completion.  We’ve been taught the 70 mainstream moves, so the remaining lessons will be the 3 R’s: Review, Reiteration, and Repetition.  My experiences with homeschool, women’s classes, office supervision, college classes, even driver training have taught me the benefit of these 3 R’s.  This is partly because busy six-year-olds have not cornered the market on Attention Deficit Disorder.

I am surprised at how many people—in all venues—daydream when information is being parlayed.  How quickly some folks can check out! I love that saying, “Wherever you are, be all there.” There are few things ruder, in my opinion, than someone giving the impression he is on board—when in fact he is thinking about the ballgame he watched last night.  In a teaching scenario, even if a student only misses one tidbit, multiply that by the number attending, and it comes out to, “Just repeat everything because somebody wasn’t listening!”  Teachers (and some students) find this aggravating:  Johnny is sitting right there at his desk, but his hidden cranium is out to lunch.

At square dance lessons, our easy-going gray-haired caller doesn’t waste valuable class time with phrases like, “Okay, everybody, listen up.”  He just matter-of-factly gives instructions; if you’re daydreaming, may the Lord help you (and the other seven dancers) when the music starts.  The dance class we’re part of is typical in that some dropped, but we will have nine graduates, most of whom are ready for mainstream dancing.  These are they that, during that stand-around time in-between dance calls (when Harold was describing very clearly what we’d be doing next), were paying attention.

So this is my call to arms.  Next time you go to class, Johnny, how about paying attention the first time!!

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2 Responses to Attention, Class!

  1. Just me says:

    Wow! I think I should have my kids read today’s entry! LOL. Hopefully they would only have to read it once!~ 😀

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