Spreading the Schmaltz

Today I watched a Hallmark movie.  Yeah, I view these occasionally because they’re light and I like a happy ending. But, yeah, they can be schmaltzy.  (Schmaltz: American slang meaning maudlin sentimentality. The word actually refers to rendered poultry or pork fat used as a spread on bread. I get the connection: both word uses elicit a gag reflex!)

This movie brought forth a few worthwhile mental images.  I particularly liked the Pilot’s Motto: “Fly the airplane first.”  It means to focus on what’s most important.  …I get that too!  We passengers certainly want the pilot to “fly the airplane first.”  [Confession:  since so many people these days are on autopilot in general, I’ve never felt comfortable flying.]

Now, being foremost a student of Holy Writ, I don’t put a lot of weight in philosophies portrayed in a Hallmark movie.  But there’s nothing wrong with learning from stories—however schmaltzy.  This story covered the difference between problem solving and problem resolving.  I like it!  Just this morning we discussed how temporary fixes are only Band-aids: real repairs often require destruction and reconstruction.

Anyway, that airplane motto reminded me of something I read earlier this week.  I didn’t give it much credence either (these are men’s words, not God’s), but nonetheless, since I remembered it, here it is:  “Prioritize your time by placing focus on who will cry at your funeral.”


Anyway, both of these ideas deal with making a point of focusing on something! That concept in itself is worth tipping the hat:

Here’s to schmaltz. May it be spread on thickly.

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