Ten Facts About Me

Today I accepted a Facebook Challenge.  Day 1, 10 facts.  I’ll post them here, with a little extra:

1. I lived in Cali about 15 years; I’ve lived in Oregon for about 38.

Due to a drunk step-father, I attended three high schools my Freshman year—the final of which was the move to my grandparents in Oregon.

2. I want to be with everyone all the time but can’t bring myself to make it happen.

If I could, I would enjoy a mini-potluck or coffee nearly daily.  But I am too preoccupied with etiquette to take the initiative.

3. I’m still waiting for the “Fro” to become stylish for white people.

For the first time in decades, I am growing my hair long.  Right now it’s reminiscent of Rosanne Rosannadanna.

4. I’ve lost 31 pounds since November 1st.

Ten pounds a month.  By the time my birthday comes I should be able to finally have a piece of cake.

5. I like neither tart nor crunchy. Foods or otherwise.

Foods with fewer calories: where’s the fun in that?  I hate the horrendous racket toast makes.  As for tartness, my face is funky enough without gurning.

6. I love roses’ appearance but not their temperament.

I love roses. All varieties.  But they don’t love me.  I water them, prune them, add systemic… but they still don’t look like everybody else’s.

7. I absolutely must go to the beach at least twice a year, but really don’t want to go more than quarterly.

The Pacific is a stupendous staple; I’ve seen it probably 500 times.  It’s an oasis I still delight in, but I limit my trips so I don’t take its grandeur for granted.

8. I always wear button-down shirts.

It’s about my perception that the buttons break up the giant square object approaching.  I’m doing my part to prevent frightening small children and animals.

9. My life is incomplete without my husband and kids.

I have built my life so strongly about my family that my heart aches and my purpose wanes when any of them is not near.

10. God is my ever-present refuge.

I rely entirely on God to keep me at peace amidst the terrifying world called the 21st Century.

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