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It’s Hard to Steer a Parked Car

“It is difficult to steer a parked car, so get moving.” Obviously, Henrietta Mears didn’t know about the 50’s car design that lowered the spare tire to get out of tight spots.*  But her point is well taken.  Power steering … Continue reading

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The 36-Hour Day

I’ve been browsing through a guide for caregivers of dementia patients, aptly entitled The 36-Hour Day. An acquaintance promised it would tell me “everything I need to know.”  When I opened this medium-sized parcel from and noticed it was … Continue reading

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Can’t Touch This

My mom’s in Hawaii right now: 60 degrees at night. Yum.  …And here? Seventeen. That’s more than 40 degrees of separation! (But I’m not bitter.) She keeps the hummingbirds year-round, which entails switching out frozen feeders.  It would seem she … Continue reading

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An Encouraging Letter (Short Version)

Paul and Timothy to the saints at Colosse: Peace! We thank God for you because of your hope which is fruitful thanks to Epaphras’ ministry. We pray that you’ll grow in wisdom, fruit, good works, might, patience, joy, and thanksgiving … Continue reading

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Tasteless Television

There’s a reason it was cancelled after the first season; The Jetson’s was quite possibly the stinkiest cartoon ever.  Hanna-Barbera cranked it out after success with its polar opposite, The Flintstones—but The Jetsons tanked.  Its only redeeming trait was push-button … Continue reading

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I never knew Nelllie—never even met her.  She passed away last Thursday, and her daughter asked if I would write one of my “ditties” for the memorial.  Today I had the privilege of putting to rhyme some of my friend’s … Continue reading

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Little Prayer, Big Answer

Effie: [motions to imaginary objects] Well, I think I got them all cronked. Can you help me? Laura: What do you need? Effie:  Are you my mommy? Laura: No… Effie: My mother? Laura: No, I am not your mother. Your … Continue reading

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