No More Potty Mouth

In proper society, a refined lady limits her topic of conversation to the weather; if she’s slightly less discreet, she may discuss the condition of the roads.  That is Not Me!  I like to talk about anything I know anything about.

Don’t worry, I’m not a potty mouth.  Having been exposed to vulgar speech in years past, I did indeed have that problem when I was young—but now, not-so-much.  Not that I never blurt out a cuss word, I cannot honestly say that.  But, again, I digress.

Today’s blog title is a commitment to discontinue a habit I have gotten into lately of talking about potty!  Yes, you read it right.  I resolve this day to refrain from sharing aspects of my job as caregiver that some would consider “unpleasant details.”

I’ve picked up a vibe from some that it was permissible to mention the situation to bear my burden—but yeah, let’s not go there any more, M-Kay?  M-kay.  I’m down with it—at least being sensitive to the guy with the vulnerable stomach, the family member that feels guilty, and the delicate flower with genteel sensibilities.

It takes a lot to embarrass me; the old Laura could make a sailor blush.  But it’s been a long time, so if I hear young women cussing it up, it does strike a twang.  But other than that, very little fazes me.  And I know others that are the same way.  But by the same token, I understand some are creeped out: they don’t want to hear about [Bleep! …Aren’t you proud of me? I deleted the list!]  You get my drift.  [Rats! Get my drift is vulgar slang, isn’t it?  Oh, Man! So is rats!  …I’m doomed!]

Okay.  Today I vow to avoid speaking of any rodent, stench, animal habit, surgery, the trunk of the anatomy, childbirth or the prevention thereof, menstruation, and all bodily secretions.  [Ew. Euphemisms aren’t nearly as gross as this medical terminology.]

Have a nice day.   The sun is shining, and I noted a marked improvement in the condition of the roads.

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2 Responses to No More Potty Mouth

  1. Yer husband says:

    I’m sure glad you’re watching that #@$%?+! mouth of yours.
    It’s making me blush.

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