A Minute a Day Keeps the Chores Away

Hi there.  Yeah, I’m onto your shenanigans; you’re visiting my blog to give you one more minute before you take out the recycling.  I am flattered that my blog at least beats that (albeit slightly).  Dude: I’m here for ya’.

Yesterday a reader mentioned it’s hard to keep up. ‘Not sure how to take that.  I choose to see it as kudos for being a prolific writer.  Since he didn’t volunteer his meaning, I get to interpret it whatever way suits me!  (For the record, I really do think that’s what he meant.)

Some are subscribers, reading via email.  I’m touched.  (Well, we all knew that!)  (A disclaimer: Life has the audacity to interrupt me, and I often post without proofing; bloopers get fixed later.)

Hubby glances at post time and reads it during a break.  Some catch a few days’ posts at a time.  (I bet it’s comical to observe the ebbs and flows of my attitude through the week!)  I publish to Facebook, and my stats indicate lots of hits come that way. Thanks, Friends!  I’ve gotten some hits from tagging, but most comments from those are spam.  I shouldn’t bother saying so here (because you are a computer), but I think that’s evil.

Oh, there’s another group:  you visit just for the pictures.  Again, I get to interpret that however I want.  Ha.

Laugh at me if you want to (I’ll never know, will I?), but I sometimes click “Random Post”.  It’s quite telling.  [Hey! Click it! One more minute before those chores!]

Then there are those who won’t find themselves represented on today’s blog because they no longer read it.  It has not escaped my notice that some of these non-readers are close to me.  I try not to let that bug me too much.  I guess it does give me pause, though, when I see their computer screens displaying computer solitaire or YouTube’s “Annoying Orange.”  Hey, it’s no skin off my nose.  Maybe I’m just “not their cup of tea” (a reference thrown in for my regulars).

So, whatever category you fall into, thanks for reading.  Dude.  I’m here for ya’.

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6 Responses to A Minute a Day Keeps the Chores Away

  1. Tamz says:

    I catch it every which way I can, because you really are “my cup of tea” (or coffee, as the case may be). My guess is that the ones closest to you may not read it much because they already know you so well. At any rate, I hope you keep it up because I thoroughly enjoy my daily minute on your blog.

  2. Hey, I’m still here! And reading your blog is my “cup of tea” as most often I am drinking a cup of tea while reading! 🙂

  3. Just me says:

    Don’t count me out! I absolutely love the lastest and greatest posts here on your blog! Tea is my thing! 🙂

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