Even Cashmere Gets Holes in It

On December 25, 2010, my life was changed.  It took a day or two of wearing the cashmere socks David gave me to even notice it, but I discovered that my body temperature no longer constantly fluctuates! (Oh, I know what the women are thinking: But NO, I’m not there yet; this has been my tendency ever since childhood.)

So now I wear the cashmere every day. The only problem is, having a geriatric in our home requires daily laundry, so I tend to wash and re-use the same skivvies and linens; now they’re already showing signs of wear. (Again, for the ladies:  YES, I started stacking clean stuff underneath for a rotation.)

All to say, I was so excited about this wonderful, new thing! And now, less than two months later, I realize even soft, insulating cashmere has a down-side.  [HaHa! just wool; no duck feathers.]

We always discover the negatives after-the-fact, don’t we?  We tend to get all charged up about something new (or on the horizon); to trip aimlessly into the next scheme or innovation, with blinders on as to potential pitfalls.  (Oh, you ladies again: Don’t give me that line; people who count the cost are spoilsports. jk)

I’m sure there’s not a person out there (you men included) that can’t say they’ve felt that “grass is greener” vibe. (Probably this week!)  It’s hard to view underlying catastrophes with rose-colored glasses on. We’re tactile; we have to taste and touch before discovering we’d better spit it out.

But as long as we’re self-controlled and guard against idolatry, where’s the harm in enjoying the blessings?  Hey, I’m not going to look a gift-horse in the mouth: these six pairs of pure softness are keeping my tootsies warm.  And they’ll probably last till next Christmas.

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