Little Prayer, Big Answer

Effie: [motions to imaginary objects] Well, I think I got them all cronked. Can you help me?

Laura: What do you need?

Effie:  Are you my mommy?

Laura: No…

Effie: My mother?

Laura: No, I am not your mother. Your mother was Martha, remember?

Effie: Oh yes, Martha [correctly states last name]

Laura: Yes. That’s right. But, of course, she passed away…

Effie: Oh, that’s too bad.

= – = – =


= – = – =

I awoke on my Sunday

One step from misery,

So I arose from my bed

And stayed on my knee.

I found myself asking

For a little clarity:

So I pondered the facts

And offered my plea.

= – = – =

I’m glad I go to church!

I hadn’t considered before:

The old lady may be part of

1st Thessalonians Four!

We are promised, at His coming,

Those already on board

Will be caught up in the air

To meet with the Lord!

= – = – =

I was completely dumbfounded

As the worship began:

“Who are you, Little Missy,

To question God’s plan?”

It’s not much to ask

To obey His commands.

And I think I’d forgotten:

He’s got the World in His hands!

= – = – =

In my groggy morning prayer,

I didn’t foresee what He’d do.

He offered more than clarity;

He gave perspective, too.

And as the day continued,

He yet continued to

Reward me with reminders

That He’s faithful and true.

= – = – =

My pastor took me aside—

Encouraged my heart and mind—

And I got to have laughs

With my kids at lunchtime.

I finally found Dave’s shirt

For Graduation Night,

And my poem I read there

Was received all right!

= – = – =

To top it all off,

My sister came to town.

I saw a red robin,

And my cactus is in bloom.

So next time I’m tempted

To ponder doom and gloom,

May I remember God is faithful;

And He is coming soon!

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6 Responses to Little Prayer, Big Answer

  1. candice matheny says:

    I’m so blessed that you posted this blog. Your prayer could have been from my own lips. He is good and oh so soverign.

  2. candice says:

    LOL won’t we be reading until the day we meet God to fully “get it?”

  3. Just me says:

    Loved your poem. So perfect for just about everyone I know, especially me. The Lord bless you, Pheobe. I pray for you as often as I remember you (which is pretty often, since I read your blog, see you at church, and bowling,….) LOL! love ya! 🙂

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