Tasteless Television

There’s a reason it was cancelled after the first season; The Jetson’s was quite possibly the stinkiest cartoon ever.  Hanna-Barbera cranked it out after success with its polar opposite, The Flintstones—but The Jetsons tanked.  Its only redeeming trait was push-button dinners. (You ‘gotta love THAT!)  This show would have faded into oblivion if not for 20 years of Saturday re-runs; it was a hit with kindergarteners.

I, myself, am a movie person; ‘don’t watch much TV:  Crime Shows make me sad, Sitcoms have mostly the same characters,* Talk shows are scripted advertisements, the News is biased, and Reality TV is a personal affront.  I don’t need to learn of murderers’ creativity, I have grating relatives of my own, and I don’t care what it’s like to work with Johnny Depp.  If I’m confused about the Middle East I go to the Web, and I already know who my children’s real father is.

I know what you’re thinking: what right does BloggerLady have to criticize TV when she doesn’t even watch it?  Well, I’ve tried. Of course, call me ignorant but sometimes all I need is the title: Bad Girls Club, The Walking Dead, 10 Things I Hate About You, Oprah Winfrey…

When I finally find a show I like for awhile, suddenly it goes south: the main character becomes a jerk, it gets dumbed down to the masses, or they start skimping in the wardrobe department.

TV is a medium whose purpose is to Sell, Sell, Sell—and most of what they’re selling is junk food, which I don’t need flashed before me in living color every ten minutes.

By age 70, many Americans will have spent 10 of those years watching TV.  In 1961, the FCC chairman called TV  a vast wasteland.  That was 50 years ago; since then it’s declined from wasteland to wanton.

Long live Netflix.

* The Jetsons Seinfeld Everybody Loves Raymond All in the Family
Grumpy Whiner George Jetson George Costanza Ray Barone Archie Bunker
Kiss-up Jane, his wife Marie Barone Edith Bunker
Rebel Frank Costanza Ally Barone Michael “Meathead” Stivic
Cute kid His boy, Elroy Twins G & M Barone
Dummy Astro Cosmo Kramer
Smart one Rosie Jerry Seinfeld Robert Barone Louise Jefferson
Jerk Mr. Spacely Newman Frank Barone Lionel Jefferson
Sex pot Daughter, Judy Elaine Benes Debra Barone Gloria Bunker-Stivic
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