An Encouraging Letter (Short Version)

Paul and Timothy

  • to the saints at Colosse:
  • Peace!

We thank God for you because of

  • your hope
  • which is fruitful
  • thanks to Epaphras’ ministry.

We pray that you’ll grow in

  • wisdom,
  • fruit,
  • good works,
  • might,
  • patience,
  • joy, and
  • thanksgiving for deliverance

–       from evil

–      to God’s Son,

–       our Redeemer.

Jesus is

  • God’s image,
  • the firstborn over all,
  • creator of all,
  • first of all, and
  • envelops all;
  • He is Head of the church.

The Father did this and by Jesus’ death has provided reconciliation:

You (once wicked enemies) are

  • reconciled and
  • blameless
  • if you continue living according to the gospel I preach.

I’m glad I can suffer for the church to fulfill

  • God’s Word,
  • Christ, the mystery now revealed to believers.

We labor to preach

  • Jesus
  • that we may present men perfect to God.

Even without seeing you I have conflict for you.

  • Be united and
  • grow in understanding,
  • don’t be fooled.
  • Walk according to what you’ve been taught;
  • don’t be deceived by other philosophies

For Christ,

  • the Head over all kinds of spirits,
  • dwells the fullness of God
  • and that’s enough for you.
  • In Christ you’ve been set apart by
  • being identified with Jesus’ death
  • in forsaking sin, and
  • made alive
  • thanks to God’s forgiveness of your disobedience of His laws.

No evil being has power, thanks to the cross of Christ.

Don’t pay attention to those who

  • judge themselves
  • and others
  • based on rites and rituals
  • kept or not;
  • they don’t know Christ
  • nor are they being grown by God

—especially since your old man died with Jesus.


  • seek heavenly things,
  • not earthly.
  • Some day you’ll appear with Christ in heaven.

So stop the things that will bring wrath to others:

  • fornication
  • uncleanness
  • passion
  • evil desire
  • covetousness (idolatry)
  • anger
  • wrath
  • malice
  • blasphemy
  • filthy language
  • lying


  • a new and
  • godly person;
  • you know better!

God’s called people come from all walks of life.

As one who’s been

  • loved,
  • called, and
  • set apart,

put on these:

  • tender mercies
  • kindness
  • humility
  • meekness
  • patience
  • forbearance
  • forgiveness
  • love
  • peace
  • thankfulness

Let God’s Word thrive:

  • study,
  • learn,
  • teach,
  • admonish,
  • read, and
  • sing.

Do everything,

  • thankfully,
  • in Jesus’ name.


  • Wives, submit.
  • Husbands, love.
  • Children, obey.
  • Fathers, be patient.
  • Servants,

–          obey authentically and

–          work as toward an inheritance from God.

–          Wrongdoers will be repaid; no exceptions.

  • Employers be fair; you, too, have a Master.

Hang in there:

  • Keep praying.
  • Be very thankful.
  • Pray for the gospel work.
  • Be a good testimony.
  • Redeem the limited time you have.
  • Be gracious.
  • Bring the Word in the way God leads.

From everyone here,

  • Greetings,
  • Love, and
  • prayers.

Remember Paul’s chains.

Grace be with you.


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2 Responses to An Encouraging Letter (Short Version)

  1. Just me says:

    Wow! I absolutely love today’s entry! It was very encouraging to me. 🙂

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