It’s Hard to Steer a Parked Car

“It is difficult to steer a parked car, so get moving.” Obviously, Henrietta Mears didn’t know about the 50’s car design that lowered the spare tire to get out of tight spots.*  But her point is well taken.  Power steering only works when we ease up on the brake.

Maybe I didn’t blog this, but through February I unabashedly proclaimed I was taking a well-deserved sabbatical.  For 30 years it’s been my practice to work 16-hour days in 4th gear.  But lately I’ve been taking long lunches, watching movies, and playing with the dog.  Mind you, I didn’t fall down on the job; I kept up on care for the family, the lady, house, employers, and myself; but I didn’t take on many optionals.

I do not regret spending a month in 2nd gear.  I’ve had time to think and pray, I’ve gotten some rest, and I think my foot is healed.  But “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop,” and caregivers are warned to avoid isolation.  I can see why; at least in my case, it brings on the stinkin’ thinkin’. This middle-aged momma is better off occupied.

If it takes two weeks to create a habit, four weeks is long enough that I’ll need a strong push.  So I’m giving myself a jump start with a project. It’s something I do every year, and by rights somebody else should finally get a turn.  But, at the risk of being a “ministry hog,” I asked specifically that these opportunities not be reallocated.  And I’ve also unearthed my list of New Year’s Resolutions.

Oh: the possibility that some of you are wondering how the weight loss is going sort of pulls my chain; I hate that topic. But, if you’re curious, I’m still losing 16 a week. Ounces, that is.


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