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Hit And Run

Waitress:  So.  Who’s birthday is it? Me:  [Points]  It’s the redhead. Waitress:  It’s not very nice to just point and say, “The redhead.” I questioned what the heck she meant, and she actually reiterated. They sang the birthday song and … Continue reading

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Green Eggs and Venom

‘Last I heard, the reptile house at the Bronx Zoo is still closed.  There’s a deadly cobra that’s unaccounted for.  Egads. Oddly, this week I, too, have a snake story.  My beloved husband likes to fish for bass and steelhead … Continue reading

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“A bird sings, not because he has a statement—he sings because he has a song.” After nearly 20 years of living under the same roof, nowadays my newlywed daughter …visits.  Last weekend we were working on a project—and she began … Continue reading

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Sneaky Sneakertons

Remember the “The Borrowers”?  I saw the movie; it was based on a children’s book series about tiny people who secretly lived in people’s houses and borrowed items to survive.  Around our house, whenever something’s unaccounted for, we blame the … Continue reading

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I have “High Myopia”, meaning my eyes over -6.  But it’s a double entendre: my view is off-focus in more ways than one. Americans call myopic patients nearsighted; the Brits call it shortsightedness. Yeah, both fit.  Again last night, my … Continue reading

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Sometimes it’s a mistake to read statistics.  Try this one on for size: My city is the sixth largest in my state, but its crime rate is twice that of our state’s largest city.  (Re-read that if you need to, … Continue reading

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The Jeffrey Factor

Right now I’m eating a home-cooked burger with Pepper-Jack cheese and a nice layer of jalapenos.  (‘Good thing I pop a Prilosec every few days!)  This menu choice likely never would’ve happened had it not been for the influence of … Continue reading

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