C’mon, C’mon, Get Happy!

Hello, world, here’s a song that we’re singin’, C’mon get happy!
Yesss! Aren’t you so glad I reminded you of The Partridge Family? Doesn’t it just put you in a great mood?  ‘Makes me want to play some Barry Manilow and Donny Osmond.  (Nott!)

As a teen, you bet I had David Cassidy posters: what a smile on that guy!  Did you know he was Shirley Jones’ real-life step-son?  His dad was Jack Cassidy—kind of a smarmy one, in my opinion.  I read that Ted Knight’s Mary Tyler Moore Show character was originally written for him.  Hmm: we may have preferred Cassidy’s “urbane, super-confident egotist with a dramatic flair” [wiki] over Ted’s character.  But, hey, his expert sniveling earned him six Emmy nominations.

But Back to Bubble gum: Air Supply.  Tony Orlando and Dawn.  The Captain and Tennille.  I was in it deep until I married Dave.  He was quick to upgrade me from 45’s to 33’s:  Level 42.  Weather Report.  Steely Dan.  Now, in the 21st Century, he thinks I’ve taken a huge step backward; my kids have me listening to Rammstein and Van Halen.

Wow, I’m all over the map today.  I started this blog with C’mon, Get Happy, intending to set everybody’s mind at ease about my level of sanity.  But this blathering is probably raising a few eyebrows. (My plan is working, MOO-haha!)

Let me assure you: all things considered, I’m doing really well!  A sweet little girl visited me today.  And her granddaughter played with our doggie and those balloons. I’m rested and back to it, and spring’s just around the corner.  My last 1099 finally arrived, so I can start my tax returns (I actually enjoy that, if you can believe it).

This afternoon I think I’ll crank some tunes.  [Oh, don’t worry, Dave, I remember the rule: NO Manilow.]

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