Heading Taz Off at the Pass

I recently posted a blog called The Dust Devil; it was about those crucial moments when it’s best to regroup, lest we Turn into Taz.  Well, today I put that into practice—with Effie.

This week has been a whole new ballgame; her madness has progressed to a stage where she’s throwing fits, each one progressively worse.  Yesterday I let it run its course, and she became more and more crazy, pounding things against the wall, screeching, and scooching around on the floor.  Once I realized this was just going to continue, I resorted to putting her over my shoulder and carrying her back to her room.

I was able to calm her somewhat with love and tenderness, but even after that she took a long while to regain her peace, milling around for an hour before settling down.

Today, Praise God, I was able to head her off at the pass before she Turned into Taz.  I’ve noticed clues that she’s gearing up: her eyes suddenly bug out, and she starts chanting and fidgeting.  I decided to see if I could keep her from getting all riled up.  I gently admonished her to keep control, calmed her, had her breathe deeply, caressed her, whispered Words of Comfort from Scripture, prayed with her, and tucked her in.

It was such a blessing to see such a tender heart respond to the love of Christ.  I am extremely thankful she belongs to the Lord; without that cooperation we share, I cannot imagine what this could be like.

Yesterday morning was a nightmare, so I did make an appointment with the doctor, for good measure.  It’s time, anyway: she’s becoming more frail and we need his guidance as we move along.

If you pray, please pray for Effie.

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8 Responses to Heading Taz Off at the Pass

  1. Tamz says:

    Praying for her and for all of you. Your hands are the tender love of Christ to her.

  2. lumpy lori says:

    You know you are in my prayers daily. I only wish I could show as much tender love as you do, under those circumstances.
    You are an angel to her and God will reward and bless you for your tireless sweetness to her.

  3. candice says:

    Effie is so blessed to have you, Laura! God never puts more on our shoulders than we can handle. I think after all is said and done when Effie has joined her Lord, you too will look back and realize that you too, were blessed…

  4. Lizzy says:

    Praying for you all. Hey Laura, don’t forget some gentle music. Music helped us with Mom so much. We’d play her old favorites and were able to accomplish amazing tasks of personal hygiene with its help. Think of those cranky infants and lullabies (sp?..that looks wierd)

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