Minor Meltdown

Awaken at 4:30 AM to a Wife Crying probably does not appear on David’s Bucket List. (Well, yeah, except the Crying part.)

Indeed, today I had a minor meltdown.  As I mentioned before, whenever Effie’s condition takes a sudden plunge, I spend a few days scrambling to adapt.  But it all worked out.

I’m sure he felt helpless; most men do when a woman cries—it’s out of their control.  One neurologist’s study indicated that the scent of a woman’s tears can actually adversely affect a man’s hormones. [‘Sorry, but why is it always about them?]

Anyway, this morning’s onslaught was prompted by yet another early-morning issue with our patient.  Since Dave pulls the night shift, later today I wondered if he thought I was using tears to get him in gear. (Ha. No.)  After tending to her, Dave took the right tack and just let me talk it out.

So for Dave, here are some tips for the next time I “Let the Sun Catch [Me] Crying”.  Consider what you would do to soothe a colicky baby:

1)  Give her what she wants! HaHa.

2)  Wrap me in a blanket and rock me gently.

3)  Speak quietly and sweetly.

4)  For me any time is “feeding time”, hehe—but don’t burp me.

5)  Maybe take me for a ride in the car.

6)  As a last resort, well, I don’t have a pacifier; Try Chocolate.

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