All Quiet on the Western Front

There’s often a calm after the storm.  Living somewhat near the Pacific, I have found that to be the case.  But I expect we’d be hard pressed to find that on this Ocean’s western shores.  Lord, help them.

Around our place though, thankfully, all is quiet on the western front.  My mother got very good care and information to help her, and is back at my sister’s place—and working!  Effie’s very happy with the latest changes we’ve made, and it’s going really well.  Dave’s chronic problems are currently at bay, it seems, and my studies in God’s Word are doing their work in my heart. (Hence missing a blog or two; time gets away from me.  Last night, this, along with the time change, threw me off big time!)

I have not read the book cited in my blog title today, but the idea of switching from war mode to quiet, feeling out of sync, and being affected long-term by the chaos is real in some way to each of us.  Though I have never served my country in the military, I am a soldier of the Kingdom and have seen the fray, and many times I’ve experienced that calm after the storm.  It can be anticlimactic.  “Now, what?” But yeah, God always seems to find something—in short order.

I have no idea when it will be, but once this phase of my life is over, it’s possible I’ll be somewhat shell-shocked.  But I will by no means be damaged goods; this is one of the most precious experiences I have ever had; it is teaching me so much—not the least of which are supernatural patience, sacrificial love, and an eternal perspective.

He does all things well.

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4 Responses to All Quiet on the Western Front

  1. lumpy lori says:

    Praise God for your testimony this morning. It uplifted my heart and I am rejoicing with you in God’s goodness

    love ya

  2. Tamz says:

    Ditto to both of your replies. ‘o)

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