Planned Obsolescence

Today my coffee maker bit the dust.  Last week my toaster became toast.  Last month my microwave nuked its last popcorn. We can’t get our mower to work, and our dryer and dishwasher are on the verge of the brink.

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am convinced Planned Obsolescence is alive and well.  They say it started with mass production; between you and me, I think it’s been perfected by the Chinese.

= – =

Planned Obsolescence

P’s me Off.  My current

Point of Observation is that most appliances’

Performance Objective is to die in a year.  Once a

Purchase Order is filled out, the

Primary Objective is complete, and the

Probability of Outage is very high.  We get a few months of


Predictably Offered,

Proper Operation.  As the

Procurement Officer for our home, I think their

Program Operations should report to the

Presidential Office, or at least a

Presiding Overseer (maybe Ralph Nader), or even a

Probation Officer.  This could result in

Partial Overlaps, which may require help from a

Police Officer (if he hasn’t been outsourced).

Partial Orbit is looking pretty good for these

Presumptuously Organized,

Privately Owned POS’s. Their

Persistent Offenses are part of why we’re experiencing

Pressure Overload. We can’t even return things to their

Previous Owner.  They deserve a kick in their

Posterior Opinions.  I’d really like to

Poignantly Originate, maybe

Plan and Organize a program for them to be

Punched Out,

Pickled and Oiled.  This blog is

Principally Over.

Peace Out.

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4 Responses to Planned Obsolescence

  1. candice matheny says:

    Didn’t you know its all a conspiracy laura? Hehe

  2. Tom says:

    Presently pretty pretinent position to profoundly provide a presentation of a proclamation of a problem of products purchased presently and presumably progressing into the preceeding present.

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