The Jeffrey Factor

Right now I’m eating a home-cooked burger with Pepper-Jack cheese and a nice layer of jalapenos.  (‘Good thing I pop a Prilosec every few days!)  This menu choice likely never would’ve happened had it not been for the influence of my newest son-in-law.

Jeff has introduced me to a whole world of options I heretofore had summarily rejected.  Surprisingly, once he convinces me to try these things, I’m utterly converted!  There’s just no going back.

His logic is undeniable:  life is full of choices; why not work out the details so you get what you like?  Every. Single. Time.

Jeff will make a special trip to that certain store because their vanilla ice cream has the highest fat content.  Thanks to Jeff, we have sworn off spaghetti; these days, I only buy angel hair.  And this young grasshopper has instructed the master in the benefits of cinnamon rolls at midnight.  (Don’t knock it till you try it!)

In these last two years, I’ve learned to grimace for no apparent reason, toss a bowling ball like it’s a Frisbee, to actually toss a Frisbee, and to enjoy long walks on asphalt.  I now wear cotton hoodies, acknowledge disposable contact lenses, and don’t entirely hate motorcycles.  My favorite rock band used to be the Beatles; now it’s Van Halen.  I understand what FTW is about, and now believe it’s perfectly all right to address a female as “Dude.”

He’s taught me that anybody can learn how to do just about anything, that even a rookie has something to contribute, and that you should do all you can to hold on to your real estate.  I also was surprised to discover that a person can hate cats and still cuddle them.

He’s convinced me that some young people can be trusted, you can’t judge a book by its cover, and some rules are screaming to be broken. I’ve learned the benefit of speaking up (respectfully) when something really sticks in your craw, and how to be pro active about choosing my own friends.

Well, I could say more but I’m over on word count.  Suffice it to say, from peppers to people, my life is better thanks to The Jeffrey Factor.  FTW!!

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2 Responses to The Jeffrey Factor

  1. Tamz says:

    This a totally cool blog!! FTW!
    Yay, Jeffrey!

  2. Tamz says:

    …is a…

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