Cooking Class

= – =
Last night I attended a special cooking class.
I thought I could cook already, but, alas!
With techniques, tricks, and timing, I’m pretty lame;
These professional chefs put me to shame.
= – =
Ten bucks for ten cooks, and my friend foot the bill!
And these accomplished chefs demo’d their skills.
To help all of us wannabe’s learn to inject flavor,
The local radio station sponsored this thing they called “Savor!”
= – =
The first chef up to bat got started on his broth,
But the mike wasn’t working and the smoke alarm went off!
He tried to continue his cooking station,
As a recorded voice was directing evacuation.
= – =
But he hung in there better than most of us would do,
And he taught an easy way to make gourmet fondue.
Then there was this blonde with a very loud voice,
(And as far as I’m concerned, her recipe’s a bad choice).
= – =
I liked the next guy: dark hair and soul patch;
And his Italian cooking couldn’t be matched.
And then came two ladies pitching some wares:
“You can host a party!” I chortled, “Who cares?”
= – =
The producers left those ladies on stage for too long,
So the next one was rushed; that was just wrong.
I wanted to see more of what she was makin’:
It was a great Caesar salad with crab, cheese, and bacon!
= – =
In-between the sautés, sauce, and cucumbers,
The radio station guy called out some numbers.
Hind sight’s 20/20, my heart realizes,
‘Should have purchased tickets; I might have won prizes!
= – =
Then came along a fourth-generation dude,
Using local, sustainable, fresh, yummy food.
His cooking is better than his demonstration role:
He skipped a few steps, but got it under control.
= – =
Now that I’ve done this, when all is said and done,
I’d do it again!  It was educational and fun!
And if there’s one thing I learned at this crazy shindig,
Top chefs have in common – a great love for …pig.
= – =
Bon Appétit!
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2 Responses to Cooking Class

  1. Amy says:

    I think it’s interesting how different things stand out to different people who attend the same event. My mom didn’t even mention smoke alarms. You noticed the prevalence of pork, my mom noted that everything seemed to involve cream. Either way, sounds like some delicious foods. Wish I could have joined you ladies. 🙂

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