So It’s Come to This

Today I saw a news story that was beyond belief.  (I actually double-checked my URL to be sure I hadn’t accidentally landed on “The Onion!”)  I guess it’s real that Billy Crystal is doing a sequel, along with Helen Mirren,  to “When Harry Met Sally.”  I thought that sounded great until I read further: they’re in a retirement community (already too close to home for my taste), and …Mirren plays a vampire.

You’re doing that same double-take, aren’t you?

It’s true: there really is “nothing new under the sun.”  They just take old themes, mix them together, and take away Mr. Blue Sky.  Yikes.  Oh.: Surprise, Surprise, this gory project is an exercise in nepotism: Crystal’s daughter directed it, his sons-in-law wrote the script, and his grandchildren have cameos.

Let’s don’t and say we did.  (Nott.)

This (non-Onion) site also featured a couple of other celeb tidbits:

On “Dancing with the Stars,” Kirstie Alley’s partner collapsed when supporting her during the rumba.

That story is its own punch line.

My attention was also drawn to Prince William’s wedding.  You don’t care, but the future queen’s name is Kate.  The article says, “divorce lawyers say the heir to the British throne would be well advised to sign a prenuptial agreement…. Three of the Queen’s four children have been divorced, and William’s uncle on his mother’s side has two ex-wives.”

You read it here first. Start counting.

Finally, I just thought you’d like to know that some idiot just bought Justin Bieber’s right shoe on eBay.  38 stupid people bid on it, and it sold for $1,425.   (Yes, I got the decimal correct.)  Here’s the last part of that tidbit:  “Bieber had donated a pair of shoes to his former high school.  … The school has not decided what to do with the left shoe.”

Okay, now who’s stupid?

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