You Say Tomato…

This morning my absolutely adorable husband shared with me a wonderful idea he has—a reward for me once this phase of my life is drawn to a close:  a quiet getaway, just the two of us—several days, at a cabin in a warm climate.  He says I can just vedge—he’ll even do the cooking.  He asked me what I thought of the idea.

I know, right?  What a dreamboat!  Sorry, Ladies:  he’s taken.

But, true to form, I messed up the moment.  I didn’t even answer the question.  He insisted, so I finally said, “Well, it wouldn’t be my favorite…”.

I know, right?  What a tard.  Sorry, Ladies:  I give wives a bad name.

As we talked, it became clear to David that–unlike most folks who’d jump at the chance to get away from projects and people, the idea of doing nothing for a week, to me, is excruciating.

To each his own.  So David’s idea of a vacation is different from mine.  This is not a news flash.  We’re coming up on our 28th anniversary; we figured out long ago that I’m a sanguine and he’s a melancholic; he likes the desert, I like the mountains; he likes sci-fi, I like drama; he likes Canadian bacon, I like pepperoni.  But we’re not going to call the whole thing off.

David clarified that his plan also included short hikes, good food, relaxation in the sun… Seriously, that does sound lovely.  What’s not to like?  I should be counting the days. (But in our particular situation, that would probably not be a good idea.)

As the morning has progressed, I’m actually liking the idea.  He probably knows me better than I think he does: once this chapter is over, I probably will go into zombie mode for a couple of days.  Why not do it someplace warm?


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6 Responses to You Say Tomato…

  1. Tamz says:

    Well, if you decide you’d rather be in a warm place WITH people, rather than “just the two of us,” we’d be happy to oblige, and do a getaway with you. ‘o)

  2. Liz says:

    I know….I know…’s a place……fishing, reading your Bible by the spring fed pool, wandering through the tiny village dropping Spanish tracts, affordable…I’ll be your bag carrier and tour guide. Please???

  3. Mandy says:

    Let me know if the Los Cabos area is truly tempting… I just found a deal at the resort we go to in Cabo San Lucas. Airfare right now is $383 a ticket, the room is $525 for 7 nights. The resort is beautiful & quiet. You’d have your own villa with a full kitchen with everything you’d need to make your own food if you’d like – maid service does all the dishes for you. 😉 Mostly older people who go there – no TV’s, phones or radios in rooms. I did see a lady reading her Bible on the beach under a palapa. And we hear the fishing is great! 🙂

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