Square Up and Shut Up

“Let’s square up.”  A year ago, I thought that meant to skulk out the back door: somebody’s collecting cash.  But now if I hear, “Square up,” I take Hubby’s hand and hit the dance floor.

(But Hey, if you want to square up, and it entails money coming my way, by all means—go ahead.)

Forming the squares is an integral part of square dancing.  I’m learning subtle nuances and protocols that we rookies discover over time.

= – = – =

With exception of this weekend (we went to two dances), David and I only go to two dances per month.  But that’s often enough to be making friends, and I’m finding myself scrambling to visit with everybody.

Protocol #1:  Square up, and Shut up!  The two minutes it takes for everybody to get into squares is not the time to lean over to the couple across from you and ask, “How was your brother’s surgery?”

“Oh.  He’s going to——”

“Circle left!”

= – = – =

Protocol #2:  Join a Square and Stay There.  When that hairy guy with the bad breath is approaching, No craning your neck to find a vacant spot elsewhere.

(Hey, I’m a bushy-haired periodontal patient—that’s a good rule!)

[NOTE: Friends won’t be cross, if you brush and floss!]

P.S.  This is just humor: the men wear long-sleeved shirts, and there aren’t any breath issues, either.

= – = – =

I crashed a square last night (big whoop, that’s nothing new).  But this is the horror:  it was because my I.D. slipped out of my knee socks.

(Yeah, yeah, that’s another blog.)

Protocol #3:  Unless you need Medical Aid, Keep doing that Promenade!

= – = – =

Near the end of the dance, the caller often will have us scramble from square to square.  It’s hilarious, and gets us acquainted with folks we don’t normally square up with.

Protocol #4: Don’t have a Plan; Dance where you Land.  (Hey, You try square dancing in a trapezoid: it isn’t pretty.)

= – = – =

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