Mystery Solved

Update on my mother-in-law: she can no longer speak or understand, but her voice box works very well  [24/7].  She must be lifted and supported to sit up, and we mash her food and spoon-feed her.

So far, it’s been almost 150 days.  That’s roughly 25 baths, 150 linen changes, 300 clothes changes, 400 loads of laundry, 450 meals, and 500 diapers.  But who’s counting?

Today I advised my husband that I have not questioned that what God does is right, but that I’ve been praying for more understanding of the situation.  David’s very simple reply was the answer to my prayer.  He reminded me that, while the world is mystified about these things, we have the answer–right in our Bible:

(A) Because of sin, we all die.

(B) Effie is no exception.

I suddenly realized something.  I’ve seen Effie’s dementia as a preserving buffer for her against the pain to come.  It had not occurred to me that it may indeed be the very thing that takes her away from this vale of tears.  It was so simple that I’d missed the thing entirely.

I started crying.

I thanked David, and told him it will be easier to deal with the daily tasks if I keep focused on what’s really going on here.  The mysteries of How Long or How Scary should not concern me.  The long and short of it is, my mother-in-law is nearing the end of her days; no need to make it complicated.

Charles Spurgeon preached, “We are generally in a hurry to get our trouble over, like those who say, ‘If medicine must be taken, let it be taken as soon as possible.’  … my dear friend, faith is not in such a frightful bustle—‘He that believes shall not make haste.’”

So, I jot this short blog with a new, simpler view to helping out God’s little sheep named Effie.  She’s a tiny, perplexed lamb—but, until the Shepherd comes for her, she’s got us sheepdogs to keep her safe and sound.

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2 Responses to Mystery Solved

  1. Just me says:

    Praise the Lord for sheepdogs! We pray for you every day! May the Lord be your strength. Your husband is a wise man, by the way….I think you already knew that though! 🙂 Love ya sis.

  2. elsiephoebe says:

    Thank you for praying for us!
    …I love you too, Sis.

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