I’m Low Maintenance

I never need a haircut, / My clothes are wash and wear.
You may as well just tag me /Extra Easy Care.
I buy from second-hand stores /(If I buy at all);
I don’t even remember /The last time I was at the mall.
Hubby found a cheap date /Way back when we got married:
I don’t like fancy restaurants; / I’d rather go to Shari’s.
I don’t require attention, /I rarely need a hand.
And I’m not at all fussy /About fashions, trends, or brands.
I’m fine with playing solitaire; /Contented through and through;
No worries about me nagging, /‘Cause that would annoy you.
Don’t offer to help with dishes, /No, really! Don’t!  I swear!
And I’ll handle all the yard work /And the occasional home repair.
I take care of all the errands, /I’m frugal, and never late.
I’ve never had a vacation /And rarely want a date.
If we ever go somewhere, though, /Don’t worry how you’re dressed:
Just jeans and an old T-Shirt; /I’m easily impressed!
I don’t expect to be pampered, /And gifts are optional, you see.
No trinkets, flowers, or candy— /No need to entertain me.
If you’re gone a week it’s fine, Dear— /Don’t bother to keep in touch.
You see, I’m low-maintenance; /I really don’t expect much.
Just a few words to finish /These stanzas that I’ve chanted:
I’m happy to report my hubby /Doesn’t take me for granted.
He appreciates my simplicity, /My helpfulness, my hush;
He brings me gifts and helps me, /Dances with me, and such.
In 29 years he’s learned things— /Among them this touché:
What goes around comes around, Baby! /Turnabout’s fair play!
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4 Responses to I’m Low Maintenance

  1. Just me says:

    Loved this ditty!!

  2. Tamz says:

    I LOVE to get my haircut, but for years did it myself
    In order to save money so there’d be food upon the shelf.

    I used to never by new clothes; it was hand-me-downs and gifts,
    But now, the folks at Ross know me. The ones who work – all shifts.

    Ok, it would take me all night to go stanza by stanza. You ROCK, Laura!!

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