She’s B-a-a-a-ck…!!

I was going to entitle this blog, “Three Little Words”—those being, I. Was. Wrong. David realized his mother was starting to connect the dots, and I was of little faith.

That’s what I get for thinking.

Inside of one week’s time, Effie has gone from screeching and swatting, to calmly resting, to actually interacting; inside of a day, she’s gone from actually to greatly.  She has not fully shaken those pesky invisible talking people, but, Friends, my mother-in-law has rejoined the world around her.

I’m so glad when her eyes were opened, she was right here where she belongs.

It was like when someone emerges from a coma: she doesn’t remember anything; she left at Thanksgiving, and came back at Memorial Day.  She actually doesn’t even remember her granddaughter was married in October.

Hey, Check This Out!  As God would have it, this week we’ve been preparing for a turkey dinner, to use up somebody’s company gift placed in their freezer the day Effie went bye-bye.  The dinner had already been slated for tonight, Effie’s first day.

[P A U S E…….F O R…….T H A N K S G I V I N G.]

Needless to say, I’m very busy today.  With Effie, the turkey dinner, and I had to work this morning.  And re-assemble her commode, which just yesterday had been torn apart and put into storage.  (Go figure.)  ….So, to help you see where we are, I’ll quickly plunk out some of the things Effie has said last night and this morning:

“Well, I guess it must be about time for Christmas.”

“How am I going to get back in my bed?  I guess I can jump.”

“Can I jump over there?”  [No, /explanation/ ]  “Why not?  Let me show you.”  [Insisted and had to be shown—twice.  (Yes, we will look into physical therapy.)]

“I’m cold!”

“I don’t feel very good.  I can’t walk.  I think maybe I need to go to the doctor.”

“I guess I’ve been such a burden to you.  I’m so sorry.  Just toss me out into the alley. ” /laughs/

“What’s that lady upstairs doing?”  [She talked about this all afternoon.  We do not have an upstairs.  David thinks she may be referring to her imagined vision of her own self all these months.  (Yes, we do plan on having her seen next week.)]

[She described where she’s been all this time as a big, soft bed.  She also pointed at a partition in the room, mentioning she was “trapped in there for awhile.”]

“I’ve just been pooping, and pooping…  But I don’t know where I was.”  [As I changed her, she started telling me how to do it.  {{Oh, yeah, my mother-in-law has returned!! LOL}} ]

[I told her I’d changed her diapers about 500 times.]  She said, “I thought you were wiping somebody else.”

[Who’s that man?]  “David.”  [Who’s that lady ( me)?]  “That’s …my doctor.”

“I heard they have something called chocolate.  Do you have any of that?”  [Effie had not eaten chocolate in 30 years.]  “How about licorice?  Do you have licorice?”

[This morning, when David and I went in to greet her:]  “How did I get here?  You knew where to find me.  That’s good.”

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6 Responses to She’s B-a-a-a-ck…!!

  1. Tamz says:

    Too precious. God bless you all!

  2. Just Me says:

    Simply amazing!! You were right when you said it is a gift! 🙂

  3. Amber says:


    I’m so happy for you guys. God is so good. 🙂

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