Square Dancing is Fun!

Yesterday my red-light time was well spent reading bumper stickers on a gigantic vehicle:   “Is there life after death?  Touch my truck and find out.”  …  “Want to burn the flag?  Wrap yourself up in it first.”

I, myself, would never sport such nonsense on my car, but reading it is a hoot!  I would have craned my neck to see who was behind the wheel of that monster, but those bumper stickers did their job: I was duly intimidated.  Besides: just because I like the humor doesn’t mean I want to meet the supreme potentate of rednecks.  I’m actually closer to the hippie category than redneck—which may surprise you, if you recall that I’m a square dancer.

No, you don’t have to be square to square dance.  It’s really fun!  Unfortunately, in this 21st century it’s been sometimes thrust aside for digital TV and first-shooter video games.  People don’t know what they’re missing.  If they’d just come to a dance and watch awhile, they’d realize it’s nothing like the lame P.E. class in grammar school.  (By the way, you can thank Henry Ford for that.  Who knew?)

Anyway, at the bottom of today’s blog is a link to a 7-minute video that may shed some light on a foggy opinion.  I know some of the people in this video: they’re kind, friendly folks, and lots of fun!

Twenty-one U. S. states list their official dance as square dancing.  It’s been used to promote everything from cigarettes to cars, and it’s been featured at Disneyland and the Olympics.

I personally know oodles of folks into their 70’s and 80’s and still dancing (likely because of dancing).  And, unlike first-shooter computer games, square dancing promotes teamwork and friendship, exercises both sides of the brain, and keeps the love light burning!

See for yourself:


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6 Responses to Square Dancing is Fun!

  1. Judy Schnase says:

    Great Video we need to get out to more people that do not know what they are missing.

  2. Tamz says:

    I’M convinced, but my other half won’t even let me finish the 2nd syllable of the second word before he interrupts with “I would NEVER…” So, you’ll have to help me work on him, or maybe your other half will help. ‘o)

  3. marian says:

    Was Miss Holly and Mr. Roy on there? did I miss them? ;D
    Wished we lived closer… I might have been able to talk my hubby into it. We both enjoyed our square dancing experiences in junior high school. 😀

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