Outdated Oddball

I’m a bit of an anachronism.  Some of my personal philosophies don’t match up with those of my modern American counterparts, even within Christendom.  Beyond counting are the times people have responded with surprise—even disdain—at one of my oddball habits, of which there are many:

Guarding against physical contact

Keeping covered, even the ankles

Addressing someone as Sir or Ma’am

Exiting a room when only one man and myself remain

Speaking only after addressed

Putting my feet together for prayer

Not contradicting my husband

Avoiding eye contact

There are more, but I’m afraid you’d report me.

I have been questioned, instructed, even ridiculed for my provincial ways.  Take, for instance, my habit of avoiding eye contact.  Much of Western civilization interprets the demure as being socially undeveloped; some even believe it indicates being shifty-eyed. Ironically, however, most of the world’s population is more like me, and even the West used to have these practices.  It appears I would fit in better a couple of centuries ago.  (That last sentence is for those who didn’t know the meaning of anachronism.)

It hasn’t escaped my observation that some may perceive my tenets as contrived or hypocritical—especially since these ways may appear incongruous with other aspects of my life, which are clearly less conservative than the extreme right wing.  But believe me, that’s not the case:  even before I became Christian it was my custom to address co-workers as Mr. or Mrs.   These mannerisms go to the core of me.

At my mature age, there is still this tendency to defer to almost anybody with whom I share company.   In fact, I find caring for my mother-in-law somewhat awkward:  she’s always been simple, and now she behaves like a toddler; but she’s my husband’s mother, and she’s got 30 years on me; she deserves my honor.

Now: if you are shocked by this blog and concerned for my welfare, before you type a comment suggesting I seek professional help, I ask that you consider:  though these philosophies may not be yours, that doesn’t make them inordinate for me  …Sir or Ma’am.

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6 Responses to Outdated Oddball

  1. Tamz says:

    “(That last sentence is for those who didn’t know the meaning of anachronism.)”
    …which I am quite sure is nearly all of your readers. One other area you are a bit provincial in is your command of the English language. Most of us have done lost the art of proper readin’, writin’, & talkin’.

    BTW, I’ve seen you break a fair number of your habits. [Hear the familiar children’s taunt of Na, na,na, na, na, na]

  2. elsiephoebe says:

    When I’m around you, all bets are off, HA. (You are right. I should have put a qualifier: I *often* do these things.)

  3. Sleepless Mom says:

    I knew that was why I liked being around you! Some of your so called oddities are mine as well. I avoid eye contact, I usually only speak after I am addressed, I try not to contradict my husband (still working on this one). I like how your aware of your surroundings, to realize your the only woman left in a room with a man and exit. It’s very wise. Not to mention all the wonderful wisdom you have given to me over the years.

    • elsiephoebe says:

      Me, too, Sleepless Mom. :/ As I mentioned in my response to Tamz, I do not always abide by my own rules. And no one *always* obey God’s laws, either.
      Romans 3:9-11 “There is none righteous, no, not one”
      James 2:10 “For whoever shall keep the whole law, and yet stumble in one point, he is guilty of all.”
      I am so glad there is a Savior!

  4. Liz says:

    Outdated Oddball…..or Timeless Treasure…..or Undaunted Daughter of the King. We love you (and that pic)!!

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