Quotes of the Week! :)

Some of my favorite quotes from this last week or so!

I shipped a fancy black dress in a random plastic wrapper.  I had to giggle as I wrapped it up with this label showing:  “Not intended for use as an infant blanket.”

On envelope of one of my birthday cards:  “MOMMEH!”

From an email I sent to our dear friends:  “ ‘Looking forward to a quiet evening with our dear friends.”  Response:  WHO SAID WE WERE GOING TO BE QUIET?!”

Effie:  “I died this morning.”   Laura:  “No, you’re still here.  …If you’d died, you’d be in a lot nicer place than this.”  Effie:  “This IS a nice place!”  Laura:  “Well, it’s not hell, but it’s not heaven, either.”

Five-year-old boy, at a giant barbecue/bonfire at our house:  “Do you do this every night?”

My mother, to relative we are helping move:  “Are you guys making me go home because I’m tired?”  Relative:  “…Yes!”

Hubby, greeting me in the hallway after a nice visit with his mother:  [HUG] “Thank you so much for taking such good care of my mom; you’re priceless.”

Son-in-law:  “It’s interesting to see people’s reactions when you walk around with a machete.”

Laura:  “I certainly hope people knew that blog was meant to be sarcasm.”  Reader:  “No need to worry about that; when you use sarcasm, it’s usually very obvious.”

Master Po (me):  “I hope someday anybody could be here along with anybody else.”  Grasshopper:  “Good luck with that.”

Young man, stalwartly resisting wimping out from the heat of a Christmas tree ablaze:  “It’s HOT!”

Facebook Friend:  “Having a baby is like experiencing your first love all over again.”

Another FB Friend:  “Anyone seen my keys?’

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One Response to Quotes of the Week! :)

  1. Just Me says:

    Good quotes! My favorite is from the facebook friend: “Having a baby is like experiencing your first love all over again.” I agree wholeheartedly! 🙂

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