With This Ring

Someone we know is renewing their wedding vows.  I used to think that was weird:  Why renew a promise? Did the first one wear out?  But I can see how people can forget promises, even break them.

I took David as my lawful wedded husband—to love, cherish, obey, and be true until one of us dies—no matter the change, fall, or failing.  Those are some big promises.  They are, in fact, solemn vows witnessed by GOD:  a very high calling for such a worm as I.  (I’ve heard that’s an insult to the worm.)

Making promises is easier than keeping them.  Assessing how I have fared is somewhat depressing.  I can actually say I am an excellent wife (by God’s grace).  But that doesn’t mean I always do it right; I don’t.  It’s the fine print that gets me:  that part that says, “for worse, for poorer, or in sickness.”

I promised to LOVE him: to be patient, kind, humble, respectful, considerate, and forgiving.  And that fine print says that’s even if he’s sick in bed with the flu: every wife’s nightmare.

CHERISH means to treat with tenderness; hold with dear affection.  I do!  But that fine print says that’s even if he’s spent the last four nights zoned out in front of the TV.  This one no doubt brings down my GPA.

I do OBEY David.  True obedience would mean never wiggling the issue so he changes his mind.  No, I cannot say I never do that.  In the feminine submission category, I’m glad an American, ‘cause maybe I’m being graded on a curve.

I said I’d BE TRUE to him alone until death.  Go ahead: bring up my jokes about Robert Redford or Mel Gibson.  But on this one I won’t budge:  I have kept this promise.

David and I are close friends and do things to make each other happy.  We’ve grown to respect each other.  We’re working on our communication skills, and we share strong faith and a love for our offspring.

So I guess you could say we’re keeping our promises–the best we can, one day at a time.  And as we consider each vow (and the fine print that goes with it), may God give us the strength to remember the solemnity with which we made them–and to act accordingly.


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