Romans 12:16b  Do not be wise in your own opinion.

I have amazing audacity.  How is it, that I go about, thinking I know so much?  I didn’t even know what “solstice” meant without Wiki.

[Solstice:  Latin sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still): the apparent movement of the sun’s path comes to a stop before reversing direction.]

Yesterday it happened at 1:16 p.m.  Did you feel it?  (Me neither.)  And 18,000 people watched the sunrise at Stonehenge.  Were you there?  (Me neither.)

Nor did I know it’s a solstice tradition to remember John the Baptist’s birthday.  (Start shopping; we’re halfway to Christmas.)

One only need view my recent blogs to see I how much there is I do not know.  And when I become ignorant of my own level of ignorance, all I have to do is open a website (any website):  perspective is only a click away.  Or a page away:

Galatians 6:14  But God forbid that I should boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ…

My favorite illustration of someone acknowledging their own ignorance is Ebenezer Scrooge:  “I don’t know anything.  I’m quite a baby.  Never mind.  I don’t care.  I’d rather be a baby.  Hallo!  Whoop!  Hallo here!”  (Speaking of Christmas, everyone should see this scene performed by Alastair Sim.  It’s stellar.)

Anyway, I felt I needed to send out a giant disclaimer:  Writing a blog is dangerous business.  I, personally, prefer candor over hypocrisy—which sometimes means seepage of my wretchedness.  If my heart’s hanging out to dry (often by my own doing), it’s out there for everybody to see.  Nonetheless, I want to continue.  So, if you’re ever reading my maniacal minute and I manifest a menopausal mood, hang in there: I’m resilient.

Solstice is one of God’s awesome miracles.  Gen. 1:16  “He made the stars also.”  As an added bonus, it’s a poignant reminder: sometimes it’s a good idea to come to a screeching halt and reverse direction.



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